Any way to get world pos from components local+some kind of offset

Hello. I have the scenario where i have a component that is supposed to spawn actors in a ‘grid-like’ manner. The problem is I don’t know how make that it uses the component local position/rotation as an offset to spawn then with offset.

I mean if the component is rotated his local Z vector will point in a different direction. So i want to use that Z vector to spawn along the actor with ‘50’ units offset from one another, and go along X or Y for row offset. And SpawnActor ( ) uses world coordinates ;/ So I am looking for a way to turn the local coordinates + offset to world coordinates.

My first several attempts I used to - but only works for aligning everything horizontal and in one direction, and i give the piece/segment rotation manually.

FVector location = GetComponentLocation( ) + FVector( -50 * row , -50 * line , 0 );
APipeSegmentC * segment = World->SpawnActor( m_BlueprintTemplate , location , m_PieceRotation ) ;

So with help of a collegue who is better at math then me we solved the problem - so here is how it goes
FVector location = GetComponentLocation( ) + GetRightVector( ) * line * ( -50 ) + GetUpVector( ) * row * ( 50 );

  • by using Right and Up vector and the offset of 50;