Any way to get current playing animation?


Cant seem to find a way to get the current playing animation in a state machine.
I want to do a check to say if its playing this animation, use this curve, if its playing that one, use that curve.

I found a get slot animation but its not working with a state machine.

What is this about!!?
I think you have to clarify your problem with more details… to make Experts & Moderators understand it; to support you
Good luck :slight_smile:


I want to get current playing animation.
For example, if my idle animation is playing i want a bool to be true. Else its false. If walking animation is playing i want the walk bool to be true else false.

But there are only nodes to check for montages.
I can probably do it with adding anim notifies and setting the bools that way. But thats ****.
I just wanna add a node to do it.

Like demonstrated with this awesome art