Any way to freeze my animation montage at the last frame?

Hey there you can create a one frame animation of the door closed or opened then create a open and closed state and just loop it.

I have a door with three different animation sequences, all are different opening states. I am using an animation montage to play them in a sequence but after the the last animation, the door jumps/blends back to the starting frame, which I don’t want.
Should I even be using the animation montage for things like these? I want the door to stay open after it has played it’s three different animation sequences.
Been stuck with this issue for a couple of hours now…

I thought about that too but it feels like the “wrong” way of doing this kind of a thing.
It feels like there’s a better way of playing a sequence of animations without having to keep looping a 1 frame animation, just to keep the door open.

There are so many “wrong” things in game development, sometimes you just get to a point where the only thing that matters is if it works :stuck_out_tongue: You can also do an animation montage with 3 sections on 1 animation. The first and last one are 1 frame sections, while the middle is the opening of the door. That way you only use 1 animation.

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I don’t know whether it’s suitable for your case, but I find this way to freeze a montage at the end.

play the montage at 1.0 rate → wait it plays till the end → play the montage at 0.0 rate and set the last frame as the starting position.

Set montage->SequenceLength = MAX_FLT (max float value) will do.

Recently, I had to do same kind of implementation where I had to freeze the animation montage of my character at certain time. I fixed this by using “Montage Pause” in the Animation Blueprint.

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You could uncheck the ''enable auto blend out" in your montage—》asset details


I may have overlooked the complexity of this problem. If you want to pause the animation at the last frame, you can just use an anim notify and do MeshComp->bPauseAnims = true;

You could uncheck the ''enable auto blend out" in your montage—》asset details

so simple, thanks


Best solution so far

Thank You!


Thank you! A very simple and fast solution.

I can’t make it work for montages with multiple sections, they play as if they were linked (and I checked that they aren’t by using the clear button on the montage sections tab).

Any idea how to use this method and make it only play just one section? (I’m using jump to section) and without the “enable auto blend out” option it works fine :frowning:

OK, when untick Enable Auto Blend Out, the Montage in BPs does NOT fire an complete event. Is there any button that enables me to stop at the last position and sends somehow an End signal. Notifiers does not work as they are just once available per BP.

Use the montage time / solve for time.

You should be able to make the last frame a looping section, so whenever the montage reaches it it just starts to loop that last frame.

Ideally, you can make a custom montage function that keeps track of time for you by starting an internal timer/counter when the montage starts.

Wrapper functions like that are necessary for most if not all advanced options you need to have…

You can use ACharacter’s and APawn’s TurnOff() which freezes pawn.