Any way to force the player to walk automatically?

The player/pawn goes moving with the wasd keys as normal.What i want to know is,is there something that i can use as a console comand via kismet to force the player to automatically move forward,backward,rotate?I know that this way it will move forever(unless i stop him with a trigguer).You are probably guessing that im trying something like a point and click thing here but,i just want to make a quick protoype to see if i like it or not.

So yeah.Just want to know if there is a code line somewhere that will make the player move automaticly in x directions in order to get an idea of what i want.

Made it.
In player controller just replace:

NewAccel = PlayerInput.aForward*X + PlayerInput.aStrafe*Y;


NewAccel = X + PlayerInput.aStrafe*Y;

And the player will start moving forward.Perfect start for a endless runner game or in my case a hacky point and click/on rails style game if controlled using the mouse,turning on/off pawn physics and a few other things im trying.

Cudos to AngelMapper for the solution in the old forums :wink: