Any way to fire event begin play only once?

Hi I have a menu widget that I want to fire on event begin play , so the game opens to it. But I think whats happening is in my save/load logic , I have an " open level" node on the load game chain , then the logic to remove the widget ,(this is in the pause menu widget that originally opens with the event begin play). However I believe the " open level " node is causing the event begin play to fire again when I go to load the game , so the widget will not remove from the viewport, or it does , but so quickly is triggered again , its like it never closes. Any ideas on how to get around this? thanx

At the point where you no longer want any widgets inside the viewport, you can call Remove All Widgets. If you suspect any widget is recreated multiple times without being removed properly then also add a call to this before creating the widget like so: