Any way to detect whenever a dino spawns? (Answered)

I am wondering if there is a way to run blueprint instructions whenever a dino is spawned in the map. Perhaps there’s some kind of function I can use for any blueprint without copying existing files that I am unaware of?

I do not feel right making a timer for 1-3 seconds checking every dino actor in the map as I believe this will make a big performance impact.
Normally I would remap the dino, but this isn’t your typical dino, it’s a titan boss that is summoned in Extinction. Remapping will not work for that.

I have the answer from asking the question again in the ARK Modding Discord.

To do this:

  • Make a blueprint in your mod folder called anything you want (Mine was buff_spawned but it doesn’t matter)
  • Inside your PrimalGameData search for ‘Additional Default Buffs’
  • Set the buff to whatever creature class you plan to do something on when it spawns.
  • In your buff blueprint’s graph, place a Begin Play event and whatever you link it to will fire whenever that class spawns.

Thanks to Don Camillo for suggesting I use a buff to achieve this.