Any way to change the editors pointer colour in the project settings?

Hi, I work with alot of the default colours alot of the time and with BSPs for blocking out quick levels. The default crosshair on the editor when not selecting anything kind of blends in with the floor or bsps sometimes and its hard to keep track of. Is there any easy way for me to change this to another colour?


The crosshair is a texture that is referenced by your Default GameMode HUD which I believe is an auto generated C++ file when you create the project. The crosshair is located in “Content > FirstPerson > Textures” called FirstPersonCrosshair. The filesize is 16x16 pixels so you can recreate your own of this file size, just change the colour, then right click the crosshair in UE and reimport, then select your new one.

I recoloured the crosshair for you in 4 different colours, if you didn’t want to make your own :slight_smile: