Any way to call an event when an actor is selected in editor?

I’ve seen this question before, but have yet to find an answer. I have navigation points in my game that show directional arrows and lines between each navigation point, so you can see how they are chained together. The lines only appear/update if an actor is edited in any way, as is expected with the Construction Script. I need to have the lines
appear any time my actor is selected or the mouse moves over it in the editor.

If there is no possible way to do this in the blueprint editor, would a C++ class be sufficient? Any sort of way to call an event when an actor is selected in the editor would be very useful. As long as I can attach to an event, I can call my line drawing function.


well there is an onclick

try that.

Blueprint aside of construction script is executed only in game, but actor C++ code it self is executed in editor to, actor contains also code defining it’s behavior in editor, so you can do that only in C++. There is no select even on actor thru, you need to bind in to this delegate:


Any chance of a concrete example getting this to work?

I have come across a similar need for this functionality.

They changed this code to this;