Any way to blend 2 Sequencer shots?

Is it possible to read content of sequencer tracks in script?
I know there’s no such functionality in BP, but maybe I can find it in code? And expose custom function to BP?

Let’s say I got like 30 different lightning presets for a single place in the game (different post processes, fog, sun, etc.) I know that sounds crazy, but it’s essential for this game.
Lightning preset is blended over time into next preset after player’s action. Generally every order of presets is possible, player can go from preset 2 to preset 34, from preset 13 to preset 6. It’s his choice.

I’m looking for the most artist-friendly workflow for such setup. Of course artist could use function with 20-40 params to change lightning settings. We’re doing it now.
But maybe it could be done differently?
What if we would have 30 sequencer shots - initially every of them only with one frame defining lightning preset.
In future sequence would also contain material parameter collection and so on, seriously, there’s lot of things to change between presets.
I would read last frame of current shot and the first frame of new shot. And blend these values in script.
Later we could play sequence of new preset, so lightning settings would animate few seconds after switching presets. No more scripting would be needed here.
This would super-easy for artist to edit and preview. We would save lot of time on previewing all presets and after-switch animations instantly in editor.

Of course, it’s totally impossible to just dynamically blend 2 shots, right? To pick up 2 sequence shot assets and tell Sequencer to interpolate from the first one to second one? :wink:
I’d surprised if that’s possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

This is an old post so I am hoping maybe it was answered and just not replied to? Did you find an way to blend two shots in sequencer Just?


I don’t know for certain but it sounds like this should be possible with a custom APlayerCameraManager class. The api docs have this in remarks:

The OP was talking about sequencer shots not camera per se. But might still be worth a look if you have no nothing else to go on.