Any way to allow user to only hold one weapon maximum?

Is there any way to not allow a player to hold more than just 1 weapon in his inventory? And if they want to pick a new weapon, have them replace the one they had?

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Hello @Michal2SAB!

You will be able to do this by adjusting the maximum equipment slots in island settings.

Read more about it here

or you can even use the Team Settings and Inventory Device to set maximum slots :+1:

Lastly, keep in mind when using these, and if you choose to implement the use of both, there is a

"hierarchy of setting overrides, described as follows:

• My Island settings are the baseline.
• Team Settings & Inventory overrides My Island settings if there is a specific value set in the device.
• Class Designer overrides both Team Settings & Inventory and My Island, if there is a specific value set in the device that differs from the My Island or Team Settings & Inventory values."

Class Designer Devices

Hope that helps!