Any way to add an item that spawns a Dino when used?

I was thinking about adding a new creature into my game, but I don’t really want to mess with any core files. So I was thinking that maybe I could add an item that summons the creature when used. Does anyone know a way to do it or something similar?

If you find out I’d love to know… I’m adding a shop to buy/sell stuff and it would really cool to “buy” dinos from the shop :slight_smile:

OMG man I did exactly this … I’ll have to get all the setting to you in just a few testing to make sure it works in game like it did in editor. (also not sure it works for none admins I’ll need to test this too)

Oh, please do tell me. I’d be fine with admin only as I’m playing with my buddy and we are both admins on the server. Then again having a “non-admin” version would be cool as heck :smiley:

Ok, this is what I think did it … might be a few other options but the item already had them as I copied an actual egg that I used so not sure (like use item I know is needed)

Thanks, I’m gonna go try that. I was looking at those values myself, but didn’t bother to try. Somehow I felt like it was something else :smiley:

Hmmm, for some reason I can’t get one to spawn. I’m trying to spawn my modded Boa, but nothing comes out. I even tried to change it to spawn the normal Boa as I’ve remapped it to my modded one.

Do I need to link it somehow in the PrimalBP?

Your modded maybe but the spawn original you don’t have to link in the primal I just did a child of egg… changed those options above and on use it created the dino

That’s weird as I can’t even get the normal to spawn. I have to see what I’m doing wrong.

OH HELL man sorry I left off the main option … check box close to top Use Spawn Actor

Went back to look at my blueprint and looked at all the yellow things to see changes … so sorry I didn’t copy high enough

Oh lol, thanks a lot. Works like a charm now :smiley: I checked the BP too and somehow missed that option. Thanks a bunch, this will be awesome!