Any way to add ALL the buttons in the widget to an array (not manually)

Hi. I have hundreds of buttons in my widget (menu) and I want them to change color on keyboard focus. By default the engine just puts dotted line around the button, and that is not pleasant for the eye. I have successfully made buttons change colors by adding all the buttons manually, that took me like half an hour connecting all the nodes and it is very frustrating. As I am still working on the menus, many more buttons are added, thus I want to avoid pain staking process of manually adding all the buttons.

Is there a way to get through all the buttons in the widget and add them to an array automatically? Thanks

I’d imagine something like this might do the trick:

Hi. Thank you for reply. I think this looks like a solution but this doesn’t work. Maybe it searches for buttons that are children only for canvas panel? Because I’ve got them in separate horizontal boxes/borders/ boxes inside boxes etc.

Hm. Maybe if, before checking whether it is a button, you have it check wheter its children count is greater than 0, and have it check that one’s children too (I assume that you don’t have anything nested in an infinite number of boxes.)