Any way of Increasing the drop in food for a Dino with a consumable?

Now what I’m trying to do is make an item that makes the drain of food on a Dino faster. So in theory it would tame up a bit faster. Now I’m not going to go into detail about it, but when I make it effect food with a negative number, the Dinos food drops to 0. Thats not what I want, because the Dino will just eat and eat and instantly tame, I want a more slow process that drains it at an increased rate, but not an instant rate. Yes I know, you could just turn up the taming rate up on the server, but that would mean you would use less resources. I want to make this for lower rates. Everything else I have complete, its just every time I make it a negative number it goes straight down to 0. The thing is, you can make it where torpor goes down with a negative number, and not go instantly down to zero. So that tells me something is making it where anything that will effect it negatively, it will go to 0. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Take a look at the FriaSoup buff, and just invert it. I would imagine that the food consumption is set to 0.75, so you can set it to 5.0 or whatever. Just make sure the buff is allowed on dinos, wild dinos, large dinos, and non-teammates. There are a lot of dino options in the buff classes.

ah ok, never thought to look at that, thanks!