Any updates on visual BP profiler?

So I was watching the video from 2015 and Nick Whiting made a promise that we will see some visualization of the blueprint nodes performance. Where is it guys? :slight_smile:

Other question would be is there any other way to see what should be optimized in your blueprint?

I too would love to see some timing information attached to each blueprint node. Currently, the only way to get that info is to profile your game then use the UnrealFrontEnd tool to view the BlueprintTime in the events window.

Check out this Epic video on performance:

Specifically for Blueprint Optimization look at time 25:38 :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s what I want. Visualizing profiler for blueprints, no additional info needed.

Btw most of the info in this video is heavily outdated. Fear of the ticks is making me laugh every time.