Any UI Solution that supports Consoles?

Hi everybody.

In our team, we were looking for different options/plugins that allows to create UI’s using web language scripting. Basically HTML5 , JS and CSS. I’m sure you are aware about the options out there, but we still didn’t find certainly one tool that supports Consoles. We are working now with UMGs, but we have 2 developers with great Web UI’s background, and we would love to use that experience in our projects.

But, since we are planning to release our project/s for Consoles… well you know, we need something that works cross platform (or at least that needs some tweaks and not a complete re-implementation).

Any suggestion ??

Thanks community!

Coherent UI, GT saying it support consoles


But if you go here http://coherent/buy-coherent-ui/ and go to the Unreal Engine 4 tab, you will see that there are no console logos included in platforms, only PC (Windows, Mac , Linux), so I assume that consoles are not supported…

Coherent GT, not Coherent UI

Oh… my bad… I really skipped that tool… Thank you very much!