Any UE4 Training courses in the UK?

Im no game developer. I work with architecture. Im looking for a short course in unreal 4 that myself and my colleagues could attend and ask specific questions relating to our workflow and get help solving workflow issues in unreal as its getting frustrating to have to post on a forum and wait a few days before getting an answer to something an expert could probably just tell us or show us straight away.
Does anyone know of any courses we could take?


Hi Jack,

While I am not sure if there are any courses you could take without enrolling into a degree at a University, I would suggest looking at the Looking For Work forum as you may be able to find a user which can present tutorials and possibly put together a bespoke training session for you are your colleagues.
It is a stab in the dark but hopefully there is somebody in the forums that would be willing to take this on.

thank you Connor. Its surprising there arent any short training courses out there when you can get things like vray training all over the place. I have a degree in computer animation and visual effects which is of no use to me at the moment haha.

Not a problem at all.

Digging a little deeper I have found that Digital Tutors and Udemy have a few courses/tutorials that might be of interest but I am not sure on how specific they might be in meeting your needs.

One reason that there may be a lack of ‘formal’ courses and tutorials is that the UE4 only became free to use in March this year and I would expect that as time goes on we will may see some more courses pop up, similair to the likes of Ben Tristem’s upcoming course C++ course.

Ah ok yeah that makes sense. Really we just want someone who can come in and answer all of our questions haha. Thanks for your help!

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