Any tutorials to make a local multiplayer game?

Hi is there any way to make a local multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 4 with Blueprints alone?

Which uses a shared camera and 4 controllers?

Hey there! I know that this question was asked some time ago, however, if you are still in need of a local multiplayer tutorial you can find one here!

This is a link to my previous question about creating a splitscreen game for local play. While I understand that you would like a shared camera, you could very easily follow this tutorial and modify it slightly to use a shared camera. This tutorial will get you started with creating local players and allowing each player to run off of a separate blueprint, allowing for infinitely different behaviors between them. I hope this helps!

Hi thanks for your reply.

Just about the shared camera, is it possible to have it moveable that tries to keep all 4 players in view? Much like some games like smash bros etc.

This may help!