any tutorials on how to destroy cars or other machines in blueprint?


Im looking for some tutorials that show how to destroy cars bit by bit so to speak… not like a huge explosion, more like buckled plate and bumpers falling off ?


make them separate parts in your car bp. give them hp inside your bp, if the car hits something, cast for what component got hit and decrease hp. if it reaches 0 or below detach that part from parent and give It an impulse with “add impulse”

I have to confess that I’m fairly new to BP’s but I got your idea, I just have one problem, I only seem to get the** whole**BP as a hit-character result when my projectile hits, how do i hit different parts inside a actor BP? or am I making no sense here :))


there should be hit component or primitive component or something like that when hitting. this would return you the desired part try to break the hit result

You can add a Collision (for exaple a box collision) to your car mesh into the car blueprint. If something hits this collision volume you can call an event for example destroying it or decrease the hp of the vehicle.

yes I did that, I have a main mesh, and then I added a cube and a collison cube on that but I always get the main BP as a hit-result… I will take a look, maybe Im grabbing the wrong hit-results…

thank you

On the Collision Volume at your car blueprint you can select what objects are overlaping or hit and what objects the volume ignore.

Make sure what object your projectile from your gun is (in the blueprint of the projectile). You can select it under the collision volume of it. You can also add a custom object channel in the project settings. When you selectet a object channel for your projectile go to your car blueprint. Under its collision volume make sure that it overlaps or blocks the object type of your projectile. To test it you can set all other object types on ignore. Next step is to set a event for overlap or hit. You can call your funktion with this (or just a “print string” to test if it works).

If you now shoot your projectile on the Box Collision of the car you should be able to get a result.