Any tutorials about touch screen virtual joysticks and character rotation?

Basically I need to have a top-down character turning around 360 deg. when player uses right virtual joystick on a touch screen (Android).

Are there any tutorials about setting up whole contraption, starting with UMG stuff for joystick and ending with controlling player’s rotation in BP through joystick’s input ?


Epic has a tutorial series on making dual stick shooter on their channel. You can learn how to setup a character the way you want from those videos.

Virtual sticks will be there by default if you choose 3rd person example to start your project. You don’t need umg for those. However you will need umg for menus, reloading and other stuff. You can learn about umg from epic’s documentation and by searching for tutorials on youtube.

Good luck and have a nice day.

This one: ?

So, how would I render 2 images for left and right virtual joystick without UMG ?

They tend to come up by default if you have gamepad controls assigned, but you can force them to come up by doing Set Show Virtual Joysticks, and setting it to true.

Aye, but I want to make them pretty :slight_smile: So I wonder if I need to use UMG or if those are hardcoded into the engine and there is no way to make them of a different size or look differently.

You can edit them :slight_smile: The easiest way is to go to Project Settings, then go to Input. There will be a Mobile section, with a Default Touch Interface node. You can click the magnifying glass and it’ll bring you to the file in the engine assets. I recommend duplicating it, and using the new one.

Then from there you can make all the edits you want, like size, location, image, right/left only, etc. Whatever you need :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!

PinWorm thanks for your time, if there is anyway we can make them customizable in game? like providing users a UI to resize Virtual joysticks ?