Any tutorial pattern that i should follow ?

Hey there, i was using this site to learn how to use UE4: Level Designer Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation
I am now done but that is not enough for me xD.

Do UE4 has more tutorials / guides on how to use UE4 ? i found already this site: Site Map | Unreal Engine Documentation

But i am not sure if i could follow this guides all sequentially started from the top, to down. Not that i try it now and then the guide tells me about functions which i never heard before haha.
I need a site where the tutorials are sorted, so i can go trough the guides all step for step without that i miss something or read about something that i never learned before you know ?

So, any ideas for me ?

Ps. I have another question at this stage btw:
See the first picture ? can someone tell me how the “window” of the left building is more upper than the other one ? i tried to place another window in my level, and tried to scale it, but it only gets longer than staying higher :o