Any tutorial for very simple ARK mods?

I am struggling with the ARK devkit :frowning:

All I wanted to do is some very simple stat tweaks, but the kit is massive (400GB), incredibly slow and unstable (a lot of red warnings and freezes)

Furthermore I can’t find a simple guide about how to make a simple mod, most guides on youtube appear to be focused on creating new assets such as new creatures or new structures. I can’t find a simple guide for tweaking existing assets, such as modifying the drag weight of some creatures or changing the spoil timer for some consumables.

Well so if you open the blueprints in the Ark editor for the item you may want to tweak you can adjust stuff in there. Just so you know the ArkDevKit is the only way you will be able to edit the game at all I know it is a large file and it might be slow on you hardware but it is what it is and if you want to learn this stuff you have to have the right tools man sorry if that bust the bubble but is what it is man will get you through