any tutorial abou creating a sand storm ?

hey guys,
Is there any good and advanced tutorial about creating storms online? especially for a desert environment… a sand storm with nice effects…

wouldn’t it be just a partial system similar to the puff of smoke partial with tweaks?

Also look at the Cave effects and you can probably modify the show storm to get a sand storm

the cave demo was the very first thing i checked right after thining of a sand storm, but the behavior of a sand storm is much different if you compare it to a sand storm. So it’s not really the result i’m looking for.

It depends really. If you want to be ‘inside’ the sandstorm, you’re going to want to play around with some very dense height fog, and probably some particle emitters (a mixture of mesh and GPU) parented to the player with debris and dust moving around in it.

If its a distant sandstorm, making a fluid simulation in something like Maya or FumeFX, converting that into moving textures, and building up a 3D mesh with cards to break up the shape using your simulation as a texture.

thanx for the suggestions…