Any tips / best practices for how you separate and organize BP's in your project?

I don’t come from a deep coding background so I don’t have those habits to rely on when laying out functionality in blueprints. I think many of us may be in the same boat, so I though it might be nice to have a thread where we share our thoughts on how we lay out our projects. Not so much in terms of individual blueprints, but in terms of how we organize them as a whole.

This a great question. I’m in a similar spot. I think my very small project used to learn BP is could be much better organized, but I don’t know the best ways to do that. I followed tutorials and then extrapolated for most of it so it’s built however the tutorial showed and I’ve followed the same setups throughout any additional work. I would actually be interested in how people set up individual blueprints even. I’m really curious where/how should you set up shared variables like score or pick-up counters and things that aren’t so clear cut where they should go.

I typically sort blueprints by whatever I’m working on. So I have an inventory folder which contains my inventory interface and any inventory scripts and a skill folder that contains the base skill and all it’s inherited scripts and items folder etc. I’m sure this is pretty basic.

I my humble opinion:
1 Separate the blueprints like the real objets. Inventory(backPack), weapon, proyectile, gem, medical kit)
2 To Learn and understand how work hierarchy.
3 Set the blueprints with specify tasks.
4 Don’t overload the blueprint.
5 Try to use a level blueprint only to generate events.

This looks like good advice, also use events and functions to split things up. Also when trying to figure out where to do something or where to put certain variables, just think what is this related to.