Any suggestions on programming movement via blueprints?

So im trying to copy this movement system:
Another video of movement i wanna copy:

Im not really an expert on coding and im really struggling. I was able to make walljump work but not exactly, here is a video:

Im stuck at left and right dashes. Can’t seem to copy the exact feel of the game i linked.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?


from marketplace, it is free for a month.

Then be ready for month or two digging trough it to undestand animation blueprints.

I already saw that asset but didn’t think of looking at that to solve my problem. Thanks for pointing it out! I’m gonna study it throughly.

Suggestion regarding Movement Code in Blueprints:

@Raildex_ I’ve only build movement code in blueprints, what’s wrong with that?

Agreed this stuff gets bloated very fast. But then doing it in C++ requires one to know how unreal api works. So there is no escape from doing it in blueprints at least for first time.