Any suggestions on how best to implement the following UMG widget(s)?

I’m designing a hack n’ slash style RPG, and I would like to keep track of detailed stats. To avoid clutter I would like to hide much of the details in minimizable panels. The exact type of functionality I’m looking for is apparently called an “accordion” widget. In-game example might be: I wish to show character life, but in the expandable panel I would display the sources of their life pool e.g. how much of their life is coming from their vitality attribute vs. items vs. character passives, etc.

Ideally all of this content would we wrapped inside of a scroll box.

Anyone have any good ideas on where to start with this?

This is about what I’m looking for:


Here, the X symbol in right corner for expandable list.
also there are a lot of stuff which i made for people from this forum subforum.

Set up a vertical box with stacked button/size box pairings. Just toggle the height of the size box on button click.