Any suggestion creating a high quality light ?

Tried hdr. Tried basic light. Tried post processing volume. Tried reflection sphere. And model still look like garbage (on light)

i think i miss something. Is there any guide to make powerful light ?

English are not my native, so i have hard time to understand light :frowning:

What does the model look like? Some screenshots would help.

A good asset is the most important part.

Then following PBR guidelines and using an appropriate material.

Finally comes lighting, part processing, possibly using an HDRI for lighting, etc.

no. its secret. but my model do have texture from substance painter. and i export it successfully. (i disable sRGB in PBR too).

Try using the Advanced_Lighting template that’s included under maps when you use the starter content with a new project. It’ll have a similar setup to Substance Painter.