Any such thing as an empty object?

Looking for a way to apped a component like an empty in Blender? So far used a Static Mesh but hidden.

What’s it for? A scene is pretty minimal…

For example in a BP made a Dice and to get the up facing side added Static Mesh Spheres. Wanting to make a grid distribution with lots of empties.

Yes, use scene components :slight_smile:

Cool thanks, has transform location. :slight_smile: Is there any way to keep track of it without selection, can’t tell where it is.

That’s the whole point, it’s invisible :slight_smile:

But if you want to mark it, then attach another component underneath. But isn’t that just like using a sphere?

For data containers without representation on the map, attach an actor component.
For data containers which have a transform on the map (and thus can be dragged around using the scene editor), attach a scene component.
For data containers which have a transform and a representation in a form of a mesh, use primitive component. However, in BP you cannot use the primitive component base class directly, you have to attach a sphere, box or capsule.
And finally, a static mesh component is there for you, to choose your own mesh to represent. If you look into the documentation, the static mesh component is also a primitive component (by inheritance), the same as other splines and text renders, arrows.

To summarize: actor component is empty, scene component has a transform, primitive component has a mesh, but in BP you have all sorts of ready to use primitive components, like static mesh component, or shape component (sphere, box, capsule).

I hope I helped, have a nice day!

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Ok thanks for clearing that up a bit.