Any solution to PROPERLY import Daz hairs?

Hi all,
This is not first time, not first month and not even first year I am looking for opportunity to use Daz hairs inside Unreal 4, but all my efforts are vain so far. Yes, it is possible to import something reminding hairs from Daz to UE4, but if you examine it closely, it looks like a piece of … nasty thing. I’ve tried different approaches: exporting from Daz and using Hair shader inside UE4, exporting to Reallusion CC 3 (or other Reallusion software) and then to UE, bringing it trough 3ds Max… in all cases result is terrible. I want to remark, I want to get AAA quality picture and polycount is not as important for me, but as I said every time I get something terrible - even some low poly hair models look thousand times better than those. I’ve tried to export hairs with iray 3delight textures as iray materials do not export properly, but all the same.
Anybody managed to bring Daz hairs into UE4? I mean Hight quality hairs.

That’s not going to work, you need to use the appropriate hair system for the software:

Hi darthviper107,
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am not a modeler myself and even if I was I simply do not have weeks to spend on creation of single hair. All cheap hair models (below $50) are piece of… stink and I do not wish to spend hundreds and thousand $$$ on a hair model, which require additional effort to skin, add cloth effect etc. Unfortunately AAA graphic still remains exclusive property of big companies. What is point to have all character generator stuff if you can not show human model closer than 10 m.
Pity. :frowning:

Hair is a more complex type of problem, it’s not something that’s achievable just by using a mesh, each 3D program has particular methods for rendering hair and those methods don’t usually convert between programs. For game engines in particular, the issue is trying to make something that looks good but runs well. Doing high quality characters at all is something that still requires a good character artist to achieve.