Any RPG makers here?

As a team we’ve been working on an RPG for a little while now and really starting to consider porting the game over to Unreal, I’ve had a play around with UE4 a couple of times. Umm’d and arred as were a little deep in and weighing up the pros and cons, but never spent enough time with it to make the decision. After 4.3 and world builder, it’s becoming very hard to ignore porting the game over from Unity.

SO! Do we have any other RPG makers here? Find any caveats with UI / HUD / particles / large open terrain / performance / animation etc.? What are you working on? Any experiences to share?

My team and I are currently working on a RPG game called Caede: Currently I’m working to implement all gameplay parts (at the moment a bow system + blocking system), our 3d artist creates meshes for items that we have created (health potions,…) and our composer is creating cool music ^^

My experience to share: stay low poly!! otherwise you wont get a good performance

It sounds like you guys have made a bit of progress working on your game in Unity, but are not too far down development if you are considering porting over to UE4. One thing I would recommend you keep in mind if your team decides to switch over to UE4 is that it will take a bit of time to get accustomed to using the engine, especially if you have not used any versions of UE prior to now. For example, when I first started using UDK it took me about a month of following tutorials before I was able to really create original content that worked the way I intended it too. Just something to be mindful of whatever you all decide.

Looking might fine there, well I’m sure a couple of thousand speedtree models will wreck anything in the way of performance anyway :).

Thanks and I really appreciate that, I’m sure it will take a couple of months to get up to speed then again by the time Unity 5 pops out and stable we could be six months in dev. We got to the point (with a lot of asset store help) where we had a concept demo nearly ready for release, then we decided to go PBR and re-do most of the artwork so might as well use UE4 and expand, below is a couple of screens from Unity (Maybe not the best looking, but plenty of time to work on it before 2016 release :)):

That’s why we use our own trees which were made in blender ^^

Hi ShadowKindGames, Nice Screenshots. Obviously some deep level design skill there. I like your Dungeon.

I’ve been working 30 years on a 3D version of EA/Stuart Smith’s Adventure Construction Set:). Working part-time on Design Doc for VR First Person Action Dungeon Crawl w/ RPG Elements.

@fighter5347. ThrownTogetherStudio! Now that’s a cool game studio name. Caede looks like its off to a great start. That campfire looks like its burning out of control. I hope that’s not flammable liquid in those barrels. lol. Keep up the good work.

“Maybe not the best looking, but plenty of time to work on it before 2016 release” Pretty darn good looking to me! Wow sir! Keep pluggin.

@ Techlord, thanks I’ll check out that ACS. Looks fun :)!

@ Breese45, Thanks again… Some of the stuff coming out of UE4 looks amazing and when you’re trying to compete with the likes of Witcher / Dragon age and I know random but the Arkham series with a small team. You need every leg up you can get, Unity is a pretty good engine on the whole and I love the workflow. But UE has the tools needed to make a game Epic :).

RPG games are a difficult breed to make in modern times, looking forward to seeing how everyone comes together and I’m sure we’ll help each other out.

That was my attempt at a joke. EA/Stuart Smith’s Adventure Construction Set was a RPG from my childhood and a reason why I love them today. A modern 3D version doesn’t exist yet, as far as I know. Would love to see one some day.

I’m a UE4 advocate. Make the switch.

Well I’m oblivious :D! Things are looking good, just messing around getting comfy in my new chair. Swapping engines seemed a perfectly good reason to buy a new chair.

Hell why not?