Any Rigged Rifle for Educational/Prototyping Purpossess?

Hi Im experimenting actually with real first person.

Im using The basic HeroTPP model wich work pretty well with the animation starter kit.

The problem i would like/need at least 1 fully rigged model of a rifle and/or pistol of any aesthetics. for learning purposses.

Im able to find lots of unrigged good models bud they are useless to me, and riging its still a pending matter for me in my modeling skils.

If someone know where i could find one, or have one for share? Only for educational purposses.
I would be very gratefull for any help :slight_smile:

Probably you can find some here -> :slight_smile:

Thx finally i found few
An M4a1 rigged with no texture and some badass sniper rifle. Also some old school pistol so i have enought to play around with all the animations. Thx