Any restrictions on using Epic template assets as part of new marketplace submissions?

Hi, I’m working on an blueprint template that I plan to submit to the marketplace in the coming weeks. At the moment, I’m using the default blue character and starter template assets in the project. However I would like to use a couple of the particle system/sound assets [or modified versions of them] from the content examples provided by Epic. Ofcourse, the main theme of the project does not depend on the said assets. They just serve to add some life to the project, like say, an explosion sound when a projectile hits the wall. I’m not using any assets that are sold by other sellers in the marketplace or elsewhere. I would like to know if it’s possible to use the above mentioned assets provided by Epic in a blueprint template submission, provided that the template’s main selling point does not revolve around these assets.

I think that’s fine.

In general, we disallow the use of Epic content in submissions, even if it’s not a focal point. If you’d like to explain the usage case a bit more I’d be happy to discuss it with you privately and get an idea of what you had in mind.

Thanks Jon, sure I’d like to talk about it. So is it fine if I send you the details through private message?