Any reason why "Convert to Static Mesh" gets rid of collision?


This is something that bugs me a lot recently. I use a lot of modular packs from the Marketplace, where all the assets have their own proprer collision. I use those packs for a reason; I can do whatever mesh, buildings, house I want (pretty much). But as soon as I click on “Convert to Static Mesh”, the collision is gone and I have to manually replace it. And this is really, really tedious.

I can’t imagine that such a power tool like UE cannot keep the previously set collision. Or am I missing something? Like a little box to check? A plugging? Or is my workflow wrong?
What would be the point of all those modular packages if you need to redo 30% of the work?

you need to check bake physics data option when you merging meshes. But in 4.26 i have this problem too, all collision shapes are in primitive list, but there are not showing up in collision show mode and not working… in 4.27 all works as intended


Thank you for your answer. So I installed the 4.27 version and I could not find the options you mentioned in Convert to Static Mesh until I saw, a bit bellow in the Rick Click Panel “Merge Actor”.
So actually, I should not use Right Click ->Convert to Static Mesh, but rather:
Right Click → Merge Actor, ( I had no idea this option existed), because this one keeps the collision while the first…
Well, I don’t get the point of the “Convert To Static Mesh” anymore since I’ve discovered Merge Actor. It looks like Merge Actor is actually a Convert to Static Mesh, but way way better.