Any reason / idea why I cant have my items in the Engram

Hi folks

I double-checked, triple checked that i followed the steps in the how-to but i am still not able to have the item in the engram list.

After compiling and saving it, when in the editor, i tried to craft but the engram cannot be seen. i made sure that all are properly referenced but still nothing.

Ideas please.

Thank you


To have the engram show up, you should only need to create it, and add it to the ‘Additional Engrams’ array in PrimalGameData. This will place it at the bottom of the engram list in game. Make sure that your engram has a level requirement of 1+ as engrams with a level requirement of zero do not show. Also, to craft it once you learn the engram, make sure ‘give blueprint to player’ is checked in the engram itself.