Any real data on Steam sales?

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to share their sales data on Steam for their game? It would surely help many people to plan projects. :slight_smile:

You mean Greenlight projects?
Revenue and attention to greenlight games are falling every year; In 2016 expect it to be just like GooglePlay / iOS Store are today.
If you make it big you could hit over a million copies sold in one year, but 99% or more of games coming from greenlight will sell under 5.000 copies, many will sell less than 200~500 copies just like those stories of less than 30 copies sold circulating the internet.
The game I had there in early access pre-alpha state was making 1k copies for the month it was there, but I had a legal battle and the game had to be removed because I couldn’t get to a fair agreement with investors (they wanted to keep IP when I never agreed with that). Expect to see legal battles often as well like already happens to a lot of devs in Greenlight fields…

I find it pretty sad that Steam has “Opened the flood gate” so to speak, but I guess if they have an opportunity to make more money, they’ll take it :frowning:

Scary numbers, but it does help to factor cost of living into things. For those living in cheaper territories or those willing to take up their laptop and move to Thailand or Vietnam or other parts of SE Asia or South & Central America etc, or just move away from major cities, then things DO look more positive. So its not like opening a coffee shop / bar or something, as a business the overheads are much lower and there are technical barriers to entry too…

The problem isn’t really on Apple or Google or Valve open the “flood gates”.
The real problem is at same time the ‘solution’; a gift and a curse… The problem is the internet.

Before internet was a thing, publishers had a way to control the market flow; But internet never forgets.
Every year now there’s more than 100.000 new games published in the internet, but that’s also not the problem. The problem is just that: ‘internet never forgets’. Those games released won’t be erased like were possible to erase old games from shelves in the past. Consoles are a little safer yet because they still have a physical echosystem…
But every year the mountain of games released in digital form grows and those games will be out there forever.
We are heading to a future where you must provide a solid and mobile ‘service’, not just a game, or people won’t invest their time.
You’ll have to give people a very good reason to pick your game on top of others.
Just have in mind that what they as consumer mean by ‘fair service’ won’t be fair for you as a developer.

If you have tons of money you could corrupt outlets like kotaku to talk about your game two times a week, that works well. You can also buy youtubers and streamers then success is almost certain. To make sure you succeed, you need as well to buy tv ads from Fox during The Simpsons show (Game of War, anyone?!)… Oh and have celebs in your ads!
But of course, have a bug-almost-free and feature rich game experience (just need that, a ‘good’ game isn’t really needed) and your game will have those 15 minutes of fame you need to make money back… But must be feature rich experience, or all that marketing bs will backfire on you.

Notice that this isn’t just for games; any creative/entertainment industry, like books/comics/manga/anime/movies/etc that are directly affected by the internet, are suffering from the same diseases.
I imagine, if anyone manages to create cultural phenomena which can use internet as a tool, but never affected by its drawbacks (like some sports can), that one would be set for life. For any other case, we are all looking for the next Apple Store or next Steam to survive…

Me? I don’t want to get along with any of that bsht anymore; I’m using UE4 to work for coorps from other fields now.
I’ve built an interactive digital book reading app in UE4 so cool that I wish I could share…
If I ever publish another indie game again was because I’ve built something cool in my spare time for the next 10 years or so. Making game systems now just for fun and chill after all the trouble self-publishing got me involved :wink:

Yeah, ‘have you heard the good news everyone can publish, the bad news is anyone can publish’… Indie game designers aren’t much different to Indie musicians now… And if we’re as **** as most musicians at promoting ourselves and knocking on doors and paying upfront fees in order to get noticed, they’re we’re probably bound for oblivion…

Sure there’s the Flappy Birds guy, but fixing ratings / stats to artificially promote your game is now a lot harder, unless you’re willing to pay real coin! So you just have to love the work. Doing UE4 work for corps in other fields seems like a good idea, and its probably not an area getting too much attention right now…

Edit: BTW: Nod to this and this… While its not pretty reading it can’t be rebuked easily either…

It looks like you are pretty much disgusted from this market, Bruno. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t see the internet as the apocalypse of gaming, but an important information for me is that Steam is not a “greenlight your game to win a fortune” machine. If I get it right, its (going to be) all about self-planned proper marketing, just like if you want to sell spoons - it has to be cooler than other spoons and everyone has to know about it.

Thanks Bruno. :slight_smile:

Can anyone else give an opinion as well? :slight_smile:

Nah, I’m disgusted because I’d like to see every indie dev to succeed. Game development is super hard work and I wish all of you involved could be successful, but the opposite is happenning instead; meanwhile Google, Apple and Valve are milking more and more money from indie dreams and getting richer every year. That’s how Unity went from a garage studio to a 2 billion company as well: milking indie devs’ dreams… And I find it really sad.

this is exactly right, also the spoons dont really have to be cooler, just repeat they are cooler every time you ram them down peoples throat.
and what i mean by ramming down peoples throat is throwing stupid amounts of money at advertising.
so if you have no money, or an insignificant amount of money, your game will fail commercially no matter how good it is.

The trick is to gain a presence somewhere. Whether is be a few thousand followers for your game on Twitter, 2200+ posts on the UE4 forums, or a few thousand subscribers on YouTube, it’s all free advertising.

Great Motivational TOPIC guys!

Should I slit my wrist now or after I publish? will let you track sales of any of the games on Steam.

Neither, you should lurk in game development forums and rant on about how hopeless everything is, how the industry is going to crash and tell every new person who even thinks about game development that they’re going to fail and never going to make any money at all. Then for bonus points remind them that they should be aware of everything ever made by anyone and not to make anything even similar for fear of unknowingly copyright/patent infringing.

Theoretically that would somewhat help the situation of too many games, and not enough buyers.

Yes, I think that’s the secret plan of everyone being so negative, they just want to discourage others so they have less competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most common indie games lacks identity or a good story and background.
You will find lot of the same survival games, again and again, and lot of pixel games, just average.

Is common to think this way; I’d suggest to get your stuff out there and see it for yourself.
Just don’t invest 2~3 years building a single game for greenlight or mobile if you don’t have strong marketing assets in place. Or else you’ll bleed money…
If you manage to make a reasonable game every 6 months, you will have considerable returns from Steam. But this is where the flood will dominate the store from, just like in the mobile stores because you won’t be the only one re-skinning games (same code, different assets) to sell :slight_smile:

Also, keep in mind I’m talking Greenlight. Steam’s frontpage store and big banner placements are a whole different story.
I know ppl making more money monthly from Kongregate than they ever did from greenlight.

Just do not develop game as a full time job, & more of a hobby then I guess you will be fine, & keep cost low. Have a day job, & make some scisfices (**** my spelling), no 2 ways about it. Have realistic target.

Also, one tip, do not feel bad about using available asserts (Free or bought via marketplace). Proper use of game asserts can save massive time!

Yes, ‘they’ then get discouraged themselves after being so negative everywhere… lol