Any predetermined execution order for the begin play events of default classes?

Hi, is there any general predetermined order in which the ‘Begin Play’ events occur for the default classes like the Game Mode, HUD, Default Pawn, Player Controller, Game State, Level Blueprint and Player State?

I just use the print function on begin play to determine which class executes first when I care about the order.

I’ve tested it in the First Person template using break points at Event Begin Play call. This seems to be the order in which they are executed:

Player Controller >> Default Pawn >> HUD >> Game Mode >> Game State >> Player State >> Level Blueprint

I asked this on AnswerHub, nobody wanted to answer it :slight_smile:

I think the difficulty is, that the execution order in multiplayer is different in editor and the final game.
the client connect immediately in the editor, which certainly won’t happen in real life.

Yea, I understand what you mean. I’ve received some answers in the AnswerHub, but no one is actually certain about it. Even for single player, I’m not sure if that order of execution holds up for the standalone or packaged game. I’ve had my fair share of instances when stuff that worked in editor broke in the standalone. That’s kind of why I was hoping for someone from Epic to answer this question.

True that.

In my opinion, the sequence should be mentioned in the documentation.
And the client should not connect until the server is loaded itself, so it’s more realworldy.