any possible way to control ocean waves without tessellation?

i’ve been working on this for several days with no result, and sorry if my specs are terrible, but it is what it is, i really want to create ocean waves without using dx11 tessellation, i have done this using blender, 3ds max and realflow, but for some reason i haven’t found any tutorial neither a way to do this in unreal engine

Tessellation doesn’t really have that much to do with it :stuck_out_tongue: I mean sure, you can control the level of detail better with adaptive tessellation but there is nothing stopping you from using a “pre-tessellated” higher-poly mesh.

Relevant tutorial and link to the community ocean project:

nope, it didn’t work for me, ocean water looks gorgeous, but still looks entirely flat for me, it can’t be that tessellation has to be the only way to achieve ocean waves in unreal engine 4, there has to be another way to do it

what i mean is this: Shader - Shadertoy BETA beatiful work done with shaders and gerstner wave maths, but for some reason the one u did (which is gorgeous) doesn’t work for me, still looks flat, and i don’t see the reason, i’ve work with shaders before, but the tessellation thing is killing me

What you wanna do is is connect the nodes to ‘World Position Offset’ in the ocean material instead of ‘World Displacement’ if your card doesn’t support tessellation.

i’ll try that and later edit if that worked, thanks in advance

edit: yep it works ! thanks a lot buddy, and keep up the good work with the water plugin, been following that project since i started using unreal engine 4 :slight_smile: