Any possibility to have a level blueprint edited withou level loading?

Hi, we have usually very big levels and there is some blueprint logic in them.

So to edit something or to watch some blueprint code always requires closing current level, loading another level, loading previous level back.
Epics, haven’t you considered maybe splitting umap object to different files? So they can be edited and managed separately?

It would be actually very cool to have geometry, blueprints and lightmaps stored in different files. so changing one would not affect the others. It would be git for our git also :slight_smile:

You can already do this by using one persistent level with multiple streaming levels loaded into it, one for geometry, one for lighting, one for scripting, etc.

Yes, it’s a good idea, I was thinking into splitting everything into streamed levels. But I am referencing scene actors in blueprints, so it would be very tricky to setup.
But this will work for lightmaps though I think.

Do you have any plans on splitting the map, or this feature is not on your horizon?