Any possibility of the system requirements going down?

I was just wondering if it’s ever feasible, or even possible, for the system requirements to run UE4 to go down a little in the near future. I think I’ve got a fairly decent laptop rig (16GB ram, i7-3630qm @ 2.4 GHz CPU, GT 750M GPU), and I’m hideously sad that I can’t use UE4, which is why I’m asking. Thanks :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use a laptop for game development or heavy 3d graphics.

There’s a big performance difference when comparing a laptop vs desktop, with like for like spec.

Just have a look at a desktop GPU with similar spec vs a laptop GPU.

It’s better you buy a desktop.

I agree, I wouldn’t use a laptop. Everything will be generally slower and you’re also making it impossible to upgrade in the future. Games usually get more demanding.

Although on a positive note, Unreal themselves said they are working on it when you register.

“However, this is the very first release, aimed at early adopters. It’s powerful, but not very polished, and it requires a beefy desktop computer. Rough areas include:”

I got a lot weaker hardware, Q9300 2.5Ghz, GF9600GT 512MB, 4GB RAM and i able to run the engine with lowered down quality even to 50-30FPS on 20FPS avarage, i am able to code and test that code and i don’t feel irritated with it (but thats matter of a person).

I don’t know why people here create this mythology about high end spec requirements it only scares people fom the engine not to mention it creates misinformation, it amuse me i see your specs and then look on mine and people saing no, no, no. I can understand if somebody is a artist he needs Unreal run at full, but if you do other things you can do stuff on lower specs and defently you can do mobile development like tappy chicken or swing ninja from all sides

You can run ue4 perfectly fine on that laptop, just set the settings to a lower quality.

Thanks for all the responses, guys! I’ll download UE4 on my laptop and lower the settings as advised, but I’ll also upgrade my old GPU on my Alienware Aurora with a GTX 560, too, just in case (it’s about time I upgraded it, too, that thing’s five years old). Thanks again!

I’d assume that down the line as they develop the engine further and the open source push starts bearing fruit it’s likely the required specs may come down some.