Any plugins available that can decode QR codes?

Hi all,

Can you recommend a library that runs some image processing on an image and is capable of decoding QR images? All repos I have found so far only have little activity which makes me a bit hesitant to just download it and implement it. Note, this is for an application that has to run on an Android and iOS devices.

So far I have found:
ZXing-cpp - Is no longer maintained
ZBar - I don’t think it has been updated since 2013
libdecodeqr - Very little activity

Quirc - Quirc seems to have some activity right now, so unless someone else points out a good library, this will be the first library I’ll try out.

We hope this plugin can help you: [QRCode Generator For UE4

Hi Pingo,

Did you have any success on this topic? Looking for the same functionality.


YeHaike, he said decode. I dont think your plugin does that

Hi, is there any update on this? I just need to scan a QR (to read a simple string) inside an android/ios app. are there any available plugins or anything?


… literally one post above yours.

have your seen? this plugin is not longer available on the marketplace.