Any plans for the future of landscape?

Hi Epic team!
I don’t know if you can or want to answer this. But I just need to ask this.
Do you plan to add new landscape features (or system, to be correct) later?

To be more specific, I’d love to see a voxel-based terrain implementation. It would make alot of things easier.
It’s the one thing of Unity I’m envious about. Just spend some bucks and there you have a voxel system.
For large worlds, fantasy landscapes, games with lots of caves and natural interiors this would be awesome to have.

By now I’m even thinking of creating an own implementation.
Maybe I’d ask one of the Unity-based voxel system developers to join me.
…but I know this would be lots of work to do.

aaaand that would be a very bad idea if you were working on something similar. Any advice?