Any plans for FM between the oscillators? or is there a fix?

I love the new audio stuff that’s being done, kudos to programmers - really has opened me up as a musician to making some interesting stuff. One thing that would open this up even further is a simple FM between oscillators with amount from 0-1

Any plans for this?

A helpful fix for me right now would be - is there a way to enable the LFOs to go up into higher range? or is that a bad idea with regards to how the engine works. (im not a coder & tried to edit the epicsynth.cpp file by putting higher number in the clamp & max value and saving it but nothing happened)


You’re talking about the Modular Synth? The Modular Synth Component differentiates between control rate and audio rate. LFOs and EGs utilize control rate updates which mean they don’t update as often. The LFOs are capped near their Nyquist rate (like 50 Hz or something) otherwise you’d get aliasing.

We currently don’t have an FM Synth Component, but if you’re interested in audio programming, it’s possible to create your own.

I’ve made a simple FM Synth and a simple AM synth with two oscillators using the Code Gen when you add a new C++ Class derived from Synth Component. It gives you a single Oscillator and a Volume input, from there you can add a 2nd one and then apply the modulation on the process block.

A bit late for the reply as been on holidays, but I have zero idea how to do that,. i’m not a good programmer. Actual electronic DAW production I could probably teach, or photoshop, but coding I happen to think i have code-lexia (is that a thing? i have it)

Thank god for blueprints, as I can handle game logic, when visual like this. Im hoping it will teach me this but it will probably take me a good while to even grasp the concepts and wording.

if anyone knows of any fm synth blueprint, paid or not that would be a right help, i haven’t found any