Any plans for a new Unreal game?

Hi everyone,

Wasn’t sure where to put this question, so apologies if this isn’t the best place for it.

I was wondering if there were any plans to resurrect the Unreal series at some point? Perhaps in collaboration with the community like the new Unreal Tournament.

The first of course I have fond memories of, but I recently replayed the second and enjoyed it a lot. With the modern trend of having washed out “dark and gritty” art styles, I’d almost forgotten what colour looked like! Also, the weapons are just plain fun to use.

Surely I’m not the only one who would love another chance to tackle dodging, agile skaarj with weapons with stuff that bounces, incinerates and decapitates while blue, green and red projectiles fly around?

Hi Neoptolemus,

You can access the pre-alpha version of the new Unreal Tournament from UE4’s launcher.

Also check out the UT forums here. I personally would like for them to do another unreal championship game. I loved UC2. =)

Thanks for the responses guys, though I think you misread my question, I was referring to a new single player story-driven game as a successor to the original Unreal and Unreal 2: The Awakening.

I’ve played the new UT though, it’s shaping up nicely. I hope they implement assault though, was always my favourite game mode :slight_smile: maybe I’ll jump on board and see if I can contribute if I have time.

I figured that was what you meant, which was why I referred you to the UT forums. The developers frequent there and may be better suited to answer that question. Agreed on Assault, that was my favorite game mode next to ONS. =)

So get a team together and make your take on it. Why not take the original story and bring the game up to UE4 capabilities. You have access to the engine, you have access to the community … why not start the project yourself with a team. 8-}

I’d love to try tackling something like that and set up a sister project to the new Unreal Tournament, but would Epic be happy with someone coming in “off the street” (metaphorically speaking) and starting a project using their IP? I’m not even sure where to start trying to initiate something like that with Epic…

I don’t know if you will be able to do that. Before the open development UT began, there was a group that wanted to make a community developed UT months before and Epic said they couldn’t use the characters/names. I’d imagine the same would hold true for any game they own the rights to.

Well you wouldn’t use the IP … that is not what I meant … but you could look at recreating the core game ideas and the style of play and maybe even using a similar story line.

It would never be an officially supported game by Epic, as they own all the IP for Unreal, and I wasn’t suggesting it would be. What I was suggesting is take the best elements of all the games that you like and put them in to one package and make your own game.

You have the tools to do it … 8-}

I share your nostalgia for Unreal 1, but we don’t have any plans to build a new single-player type game in the franchise. Please ask us again after Half Life 3 is released. :slight_smile:

LOL, so never then? :smiley:

Haha, this forum desperately needs a like post feature. =D

I see, so my choices are:

A) Kidnap key Valve employees and force them to announce Half-life 3 so you’ll consider a new Unreal


B) Design my own game, ripping off Unreal as much as I can get away with (how many letters do I need to change in Skaarj?)

Normally of course I’d go the quick and easy route with A, but you didn’t actually make any guarantees, so to save the cost of a wasted trip to Washington, I guess I’ll opt for B.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

That cut me deep man :frowning:

That would be brilliant :smiley: could we have a moustache thing like facepunch? but instead make it like, unreal biceps?

I had something simpler in mind, but that could work too I suppose. =P

Half-Life 3 confirmed!!!

Oh wait, whoops, wrong company! =)

Maybe Tim knows something we don’t, though???