Any Paper 2D tutorials? Pixel Sprite movement, grid system

Are there any decent Paper 2D tutorials out there? I’m trying to make a pixel-style game within UE4 and was really excited to see Paper 2D but the more I try to mess around, the more I realise how lost I am. I’ve managed to import some of my sprites and get a basic idle animation going in a Flipbook but beyond that I’m utterly clueless and can’t find any references to guide me.

The 2D game I’m trying to create has a sort of classic Pokemon vibe to it, most of the characters would have simple looping idle animations as they move back and forth etc. The problems I’ve got right now is because I can’t find much documentation on Paper2D I’m struggling to do simple basics like pixel-style grid movement or animation.

Is there any kind of reference material or tutorials for this sort of thing or do I just need to keep blindly trying and hope for the best?

I’m not sure if you’ve looked at the Unreal Docs yet, but here is the one for Paper2D: Paper 2D | Unreal Engine Documentation

I can’t provide much other help because I don’t really use Paper2D, but good luck :smiley:


Try this: Blueprint Creating a 2D Side-Scroller | 01 | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Good luck!

I’ve been trying to follow the side-scrolling Paper2d tutorials, and after three weeks I am getting more and more frustrated with the progress I haven’t made on basic movement. Mostly because we’re talking two different types of movement: He’s got running forward on a line and jumping, I want moving all four directions on a plane like in an SNES-era RPG (Earthbound, specifically).

I would really appreciate it if someone could put together a tutorial for Paper2d using an RPG-style setup. I’m getting to the point where I’m cobbling together bits and bobs from various tutorials and I’m just making a ridiculous mess and not getting any closer to completion. And I remember this stage of not knowing what to do as a beginner programmer. More specifically, I remember being the college tutor for people studying Visual Basic who didn’t know what they were doing and ended up cobbling bits together with no idea how they were supposed to fit, and it was a headache no matter which side of the understanding I’m on.

With Game Maker at least I can plop a thing on the board and having it moving in eight directions within fifteen minutes, even if I don’t know a lick of code. (It’s easier in code, though.) Here I feel like either the program is being obtuse or I am, and I’m not happy with either prospect.


I’ve struggled with setting up that kind of movement based on 2d movement and what it requires is setting up some C++ code to turn certain features off in movement and making the movement set to flying for your character. You’ll be messing with friction and air braking.

I thought this was a bit convoluted so what I ended up doing instead is creating a 3d top down template and creating characters and sprites facing the floor and the sky and setting the camera properly (as well as Ortho) to get a flat environment. this comes with the added benefit of being able to use Nav Meshes with tile maps and flat 3d environments. I currently do not have the time to setup a tutorial but hopefully this will get you moving in the right direction.

What I can recommend is creating a 3rd person shooter template, moving the camera, importing a sprite and tile set and messing til you get the right result. (since it’ll have WASD movements set up for you.) you’ll be making most of your editing to the character movement component, and the capsule component for collision. you’ll also be messing with camera distance and changing your camera to Ortho with a specific distance for now.

Another piece of advice I can give you is that if you’re using sprites with high detail, set the filter in the texture for your sprite sheet to Tri Linear so that they maintain quality despite camera distances.

Whereas grid-style movement requires mad skills, just making your sprite character move in 4 directions is a pretty basic stuff. Any beginner can do this no problem.
Well, I managed to make my paper 2d character move in 8 directions (and play appropriate animations, when moving left, right, up and down) with a pretty basic blueprint setup. However, whenever I try to move him diagonally, the animation just freezes. Until I release the buttons, that is. Does anyone know how to make him actually play some animations, while you press two buttons (like W and D simultaneously) and move diagonally?


I wrote a tutorial on this subject that you can find here: