Any option to disable the "Notice: You are leaving Epic Games" redirect screen?

Can’t seem to find it.

If not, at least exempt YouTube - which nearly every asset on the marketplace has a link to for a preview.


Seems not - I’ll greasemonkey it.

Here’s a greasemonkey/tampermonkey/… script to remove the annoying redirect screen.

It’s very simple code and Greasemonkey scripts are reasonably well sandboxed, but still, only recommended for people familiar enough with such things to verify it is indeed safe. Hence I won’t document how to install it.

Currently only YouTube whitelisted as it’s the one that’s on most marketplace listings, but you can easily add SoundCloud, Vimeo, trusted developer domains,…


Added to the whitelisted domains in addition to the existing and domains.

Also moved script to Greasyfork repository instead of due to hassles trying to update the above.


This was so mildly infuriating since I look at the marketplace a fair bit.
I made an upgraded version that does not require you to enter a whitelist. All links on the page will be processed, and the redirector will be removed, so that all links point to their original location.


Nice - sometimes I get the occasional link still asking so no whitelisting is a good win.

I’m just wondering why I put a whitelist in there to start with. :thinking: