any one using iclone and character creator

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I seen some post on this put there all old post.

I’m looking at iclone, character Creater and 3D Xchange

is any one using iclone and character creater in hter work flow with unreal 4?
can you get the characters in unreal easily"?
does the animation come in easily? can you bring it come in as a blueprint or does it come in that way?
will you need 3D xchanges? (Likes like it to me)

it all looks promising, and a big time saver.


I used to use iclone years ago with unity but it had many issues and the devs don’t like criticism so it was a dead end. I always felt that iclone was more suited for the dad that’s never used a pc before and wants to create a funny animation.

you will have to purchase the pro and then pay again for the export pipeline which they don’t make clear to you. this is intentional because they know once you spent all that money on pro, your going to end up paying the extra other wise the software has no use. Also after you spent all that money they still want you to upgrade everything again to use the next version with hardly any extra features.

it better you use a professional product for animation. why not use Maya indie?

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I heaved looked at Maya Lt use Maya Student now but well have to upgrade soon and money is tight.
Maya Lt does not have Maya nCloth, or Maya nHair and Rigid and soft-body dynamics IF I under stand that I can not animate cloth or hair?

I think that would be a killer. for Maya LT
if I’m wrong PLEASE let me know or if there’s a work around. I would Love to use Maya LT over Maya.

I need to do quite a few characters and through that character creator would be good for that part. If I made My characters and clothes in Character creator Could I then import them into Maya
and do the rigging and animation from there?


There is Mixamo Fuse, its cheap and very easy to use for making very good looking characters. it exports direct to mixamo autorig without limit and you can also edit the mesh in blender or any other software that support obj or fbx.