Any one plz help how can i get this kind of Pulse Effect

One way to do that is to spawn a sphere at player location and then scale it up with a timeline. The sphere would have a translucent material, opacity of which you can control with DepthFade node to achieve the effect in the video.

How can i get this kind Pluse Effect on PostProcess

Thank u bro to reply me actually i m new in unreal so i will try u give me nice tip thank u i will tell u after i try this

no i have get issue when i inside that sphere my camera does not see that material i create same Scene Depth Mat can u play show me the way to do this? :frowning: i really need to create this effect

I’d say you lerp with a timeline

With auto curve (?)

Enable Two Sided in your material’s Details panel and see how it goes. Materials are one sided by default so when you are inside the sphere you cant see the sphere unless you enable two sided.

yes bro i try that Now I get The Effect But How To Scale the smoothly my sphere instantly came and stay on one location

Yeah, either use a Lerp with a Timeline to interpolate between two scale values or use only a Timeline with a vector track in it to set the scale value.

than bro i will try that i hope it will give me the result :wink:

I do This Nothing Work sorry to give u pain actually i m new in unreal

Follow this order:

Spawn with key input > play the timeline from start > update Set Scale.

Bro i do same but nothing happen

This type work but Sphere Direct On that Scale

My time line on set on vector and 2 sec play time start on 0 to 0 scale and end point on 100 scale.

Material is this

It may be the collision causing the problem. Drag the blue pin from Spawn Actor and then search for Set Actor Enable Collision, but dont enable the bool so that it doesnt have any collision.

Thanks Jacky For Giving me Direction but I manage to find Solution. this is What I Achieve This is My Prototype WIP