Any one else worried about how easy this all is now?

I like to dabble in each engine, I treat it as a curiosity and not something serious, however it is scary how easy this has all become these days. My general Impression of Unity is “how many games are just going to fall out of this engine”… it is like “developers” have put little to no effort into a game and released it. My impression of Unity has always been this cheap **** engine which creates tat, there are no standards and the developers are as useless as I am. I bet I could spend two weeks making like Stranded Deep for example, release it, screw people out of money and… whatever.

I don’t want this future for UE and I feel like this is the way the engine is going and it makes me sad. I don’t want to praise the PS3 in any way, I’m sure Sony defending the Cell Processor was all PR, but I agree with them in some way. We need snobbery in ART, everyone shouldn’t have easy access to make **** because otherwise we end up with what Unity has become… a joke. Sony kept saying they only wanted the best developers and they would learn cell, that isn’t great in hindsight, I think it is half of the truth however.

Access and the tools shouldn’t become too easy.

I’m so sick of the flood of **** Unity games, I don’t even bother with them any more. I watch the game jams and while I respect peoples time, they’re all **** and will lead to nowhere. It is like the passion has gone out of game development and it has just become this tool to making money, get quick success and be millionaires overnight :\

I don’t think Unreal copying Unity will lead to a good future for it, Unreal needs to be premium, otherwise it just gains the reputation of like the £1/$99 stores that Unity has.

To be honest, I was very worried exactly about this when I saw that it became free. I’d really prefer the subscription method but still, I haven’t seen any abuse of the engine excluding this piece of **** ACCIDENTAL RUNNER - Complete Shit - YouTube

It’s unbelievable that they made this garbage via the runner tutorial and somehow got it on sale on Steam. Yes there’s no legal thing about using assets in commercial projects but this one went too far I think. And that is the exact thing that you feared of right? Right now unity is still the champion in the beginner people but I really, really hope that Unreal won’t become the very thing you fear of. For me Unreal is not just a game engine. It’s a culture. A culture that began when we saw that beautiful waterfall near the Vortex Rikers in Unreal 1 and to this day. My hopes that good quality indy developers will use Unreal for good and interesting projects. Right now there are lots of beautiful projects that is in development and I think we’ll see what will become of the Unreal Engine as community in the coming year. But I have positive hopes.

This is very much becoming true when releasing to a broader audience, and that is also when you have a sub model, where as before it was much more expensive. Now, some games might be very similar, providing for some an “easy” way to create something fast and even sell it. But when you mention Unity, lets consider that some games from that community also produced something like Ori and the Blindforest.

And honestly, looking at the many many projects presented here and on the stream, over twitter by some teams, than the only thing that prevents them to get exposure is, that from a certain standpoint “copy/paste its bad since they use assets from marketplace” are promoted (which in some instances I don’t feel that this is a bad thing, when gameplay is something which is created on their own). I rather talk about the fact that there are awesome games coming along.

Blame Steam and not Epic.

There will be an increasing amount of ****** games from UE4. Hell, part of what got me into this last year was seeing how absolutely easy it was to get super ****** Unity games all over Steam and I said “I know I can make shovelware that is more than all those broken shovelware.”

I’ve found going from absolutely 0 gaming related skillsets to slightly competent is actually far harder than expected. Sure, I could put out something on the level fo Accidental Runner. Yet even if that sells is it worth it to me? Not from a pride perspective. Still these sort of “baby’s first video game” are always going to exist because learning to do game development is a LOT of work and some individuals would like to see if they can get compensated for all the technical training they’re doing.

The only real hope is that many of these bad developers continue with it to get enough experience that they can become good developers.

that made it to steam? very sad. I think i will start up a new game studio and call it “In5Min games”.

ouh my god, this **** made it really on steam ? … :confused:
Yeah this is definitly a very dark side of the fact that engines like Unity and UE4 makes it really easy to create something or let’s say a game.
I even don’t know if this “thing” in your clip deserved to be called game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the invention of the typewriter destroy literature?

The engine is irrelevant. Games will get made whether Unreal is free or not.

I certainly don’t agree that by losing the sub, Epic are somehow letting in the Great Unwashed to ruin our games. Being free democratises making games even further. This increases the chance of drek like Accidental Runner getting released, but also increases the chances that something wonderful will get made.

With the care that making a good game requires, Accidental Runner-likes will inevitably come out before the good stuff arrives. That’s just how it happens.

I’m not blaming anyone. I didn’t understand your attitude here. Read all the post not just the first sentence.

*edit: And I’m not saying because UE4 is free all we’re gonna see are **** games like accidental runner. I’ve said there are great and interesting projects based on Unreal that are in development right now and I said I have positive hopes for future.

Yes that’s one of my thoughts and I really hope that the good ones will enable us to experience new, fresh gaming. For example ADR1FT looks very promising.

I have been working on a game for many years as a solo dev …but to avoid the risk of the game being **** I am taking my time trying to get it right…
Since I am neck deep in a Unity project at this time …I am not going to move to UE4 yet… but I did install UE4 and I have been messing around with it…
I was considering making a short UE4 game just to get some cash flow in before my main game is completed …but I don’t want it to turn out like Accidental Runner …lol…

I am not too worried about UE4’s future …some more quality AAA games will be released now due to it being free…also some very bad ones like said above…but that cant be helped…

I don’t understand the negative reactions. If you don’t want to download garbage games, then don’t download them. How can you complain about a free amazing engine? Come on people seriously be grateful for Godsake…

Even if the market gets flooded… ummm ok wait. Firstly the market is already flooded with millions of clones of clones and sub par games and it has been long before epic made UE4 free.
This creates 1 major obstacle, and that is making your game noticeable through all the nonsense. But who cares. There will always be a flooded market. We are over 7 billion people.

I watched a movie last night. The seventh son and it got me thinking.
First thing that was noticeable was that they had a big budget by the cast and the outstanding CG. $125Mil
But i couldnt help but ask myself… wtf is up with the daydreaming blurring stuff through the film.
And jeff bridges as the lead? Firstly let me clarify, Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors. But you simply do not place him in a role where he talks in a batman voice all movie long. It does not suit him.

The movie really confused me, because you have CG that is front page cover stuff… and yet your basic camera work is terrible and your 5 year old son tells you to add blur effect to everything.

So what is the point?
The point is… even if you can make something, and you have a major budget to do so… does not mean you will produce something great.
And i even if you do produce something great… being noticed is an entire new aspect to concur.

So yes. There are and will be lots of other games. But there will always be only a few worth praising.

Is it really allowed by Epic’s Terms and Conditions to take any asset of their starter content and use it in commercial games?
I did not know that.

Can I take their vehicle game, rearrange the level structure (that stone moved here, that fence moved there, …) and then resell it?

I think what he means is that if an online market is saturated with cheap, broken rubbish and obvious scams then that’s the fault of the platform for not implementing better quality control and being more selective. This is why companies like Apple and Microsoft operate “walled garden” policies, to maintain a proper selection process.

UE4 does make it easier for people to produce functional games, good or bad, but it’s platforms like Steam that give them the ability to advertise and sell those games to the mainstream.

Then who are you to tell what games people should make? Accidental Runner IS a game, just like Flappy bird or Minecraft.
Let people make anything they want.

You did defend this garbage in the off topic too. Are you the developer I wonder? Or a friend of maybe.

In our times all go in easy way just need accept that(in all spheres of art), with Wikipedia, free video tutorials, kikstarters, greenlight, unity, UE, so why its UE fault? for my opinion half of games in greenlight “not good quality” and valve need do something with that.

PS that game in first topic is ugly but is a game!!!

I find these kinds of threads fascinating. As much as I love gaming, I’ve never cared for the faux-elitist mentality some game devs (and some gamers) have.

“How dare they let those people use the same tools as us real developers?!”

Get over yourselves. Bad novels are written with the same typewriters and word processing programs as good novels. Bad movies are filmed on the same cameras as good movies. It takes a hammer to build a bad piece of furniture, just like it takes one to build a fine piece of furniture.

Don’t blame the tools because poor work gets created with the tools. Bad work created with tools doesn’t diminish those tools.

Big picture, lowering obstacles to entry is a good thing. Yes, more crud will get made, but crud will always get made. However, we’ll also get good games we wouldn’t have gotten if the obstacles to entry were higher.

Someone in the thread talked about Apple’s walled garden and how it keeps out crud. But, it doesn’t. It keeps out some of the crud, but it lets an awful lot in.

And, actually, I deserve some of the blame for that. I wrote the first beginner book on programming iOS back in 2008, and that book is still in print and still one of the best selling programming books. Undoubtedly, a lot of the **** was created by people who read my book and blog posts. Hell, I’ve even found sample projects from my book and blog on the App Store, posted with no change other than copyright notice.

But I’m not sorry at all. A lot of really cool stuff was created by people who read my book also, and nobody’s becoming a millionaire selling my sample code. I got annoyed the first few times I came across people ripping off my stuff, but after reflection, I realized it really wasn’t worth getting mad over.

The economics of app development are tough. The economics of game development even tougher. There will be flukes like Flappy Bird, but mostly, the games that make money are good games that took a lot of time, effort, and talent. Bad games, except for statistically rare outliers, will almost always lose money. Unfortunately, some good games lose money also, but that’s the nature of the market.

Accidental Runner isn’t going to make millions. Nobody’s going to wait in line to hire its developers. If it’s even remembered a year from now, it will be in an Ed Wood sort of way. So why get your panties in a bunch about it? Look at it, shake your head, and go back to making something awesome.