Any Older Versions Of UE for Vista?

I don’t necessarily need Unreal Engine 4, i’m sure I can make a game with an older version, but will older versions be able to run on Windows Vista?

I upgraded my computer specifically so that I can download the Unreal Engine, but the newest version still won’t work on it, so if an older Unreal Engine will be compatible, link me please. and thank you!

if your computer still doesnt meet the requirements, then older version of UE4 will not help you at all, since the minimum requirements for it have been kept always the same.
you can however try UDK *UE3
but its a whole different engine, with barely any support now and also much harder to use (just for starters, forget blueprints);
I recommend you either use the slow UE4 or get a computer upgrade, UDK is not for starters, many times harder than UE4.


For older versions of UE4, check the epic games launcher (launcher that comes with UE4).

Thanks, I never said it had to be a version of UE4, just an older version of the software as a whole. I’ll check out UDK, it may be harder, but i’m sure i can figure it out.