Any of your players mysteriously unable to start your game?

I’ve had two players recently report that they could not start the game at all. After some experimentation and reading the logs, I found out that the player could at least start the game using the 32-bit exe, but my game makes use of SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(), which causes the game to close and then reopen in Steam. The automatic startup option for a 64-bit OS is the 64-bit exe, but the win64 exe wasn’t working. I had to add a 32-bit startup option in Steam for this player.

When this player first told me that the game wouldn’t launch at all, I honestly thought it was a problem with the Steam client. I figured there must have been a problem with Steam detecting the license for the game, or piracy, or something like that. But the player was able to get the game started on his laptop, so I know Steam detected his license.

One of the most perplexing issues appeared when we tried running the 64-bit exe directly. An error window appeared immediately, with some memory addresses on it. No log files appeared and the player didn’t mention any dmp files in the log folder. Only the 32-bit exe made it far enough to write a log.

Have any of you had players suddenly unable to use the 64-bit exe? Any idea why that’s happening?

nope not here

No reports yet.

Edit: Just got one report that could be related: Game not loading :: Subsistence General Discussions

My game ships only with the 32 bit exe, but I’m releasing 64 bit support on my next update.

My game crashes ramdonly when load the map without any error in the log. Probably I need to remove the “suppress” in the inis to see something.

All information I can provide is that all players that I know and I’ve seen that played Gladiators of the arena ( the UDK game I am still developing ), in real life they have old computers. But probably 64Bit. I have to confirm.