Any news regarding the movie-textures?

Im currently working on a project where we might need to play a few high-res movies in the game (basically thats all we need to do in the game)…
But from what I have heard the movie textures is still a work in progress (is this true?)… and if it is true… is there any news of what formats will be supprted, which res, and also when till it get “patched into UE4”?


You can play movies in the game with the game movie player (GetGameMoviePlayer() in code) but they don’t support rendering to textures yet although if you want to just render a fullscreen movie it is functional. The formats supported will be per-platform but most support h.264. For windows we currently support the codecs listed here: Supported Media Formats in Media Foundation - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

Sorry, I have no eta on rendering movies to textures yet.


I haven’t seen anything else on this, nor can I find any mention of it on the roadmap. Any idea yet on when this might be available?


Hi Stephen,

The Movie to Texture feature is on the UE4 Roadmap. Please take the time to vote.

What is the point of voting on the roadmap?

So that they can gauge developers interest, most likely. I don’t think votes necessarily equal how quickly or which features are prioritized, but it gives Epic a good idea of what we want.

I’ve been using this and it works very well! Only problem I’ve encountered is that when I render my matinee movie the texture movie is about 4x the speed, so I remedy that by time scaling my movie in after effects.

Is a Highdef Videotexture still missing?
I cant find it in the manual and forum. I have trouble using the WindowTextureMovie-Plugin and would prefer a build-in, Blueprintfriendly solution with playcontrol.
A Flipbook has its limits and cant fullfill the expectations i have when dealing with video. (HD, at least 25fps, pause and stop, playmodes like reverse, alphachannel, blendmode, Antialiasing)

Thanks in advance!

there’s an experimental version in the 4.4 build on github, might not be committed and in master though.
it’s built in an using window media foundation. still being worked on, full release slated for 4.5

So 4.5 is out now - I’m on Mac (OS X 10.9.5) and what I managed so far is to map a movie (.mp4) to geometry. but unfortunately it’s not playing back… It was working for a very short time but then stopped working again. Is there a step by step instruction somewhere? What could I possibly do wrong?

it needs to be a wmv - they say other formats might work, but thats the only one thats worked for me so far.
There is a mention that it works best in windows and might work in mac.
more info Media Framework Documentation for 4.5 Preview - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m having lots of trouble getting the sound to play in sync with the video. Any help would be very appropriated!